Affiliate Program
For anyone and everyone!
You can earn thousands of dollars worth in BNB by helping refer projects to the Bifrost.
The affiliate program is open to absolutely anyone and everyone, and provides a way for you to earn money by helping bring projects and their communities into the Bifrost world.
All they need to do is find projects that are new and upcoming and introduce them to the Bifrost platform, keeping a note of the screenshots and DMs between them and the developer(s). Then, once the project creates a presale, you can get in touch with our team on Telegram to mark your referral and be eligible for reward!
A Bifrost project that successfully launches will entitle affiliates to a cut of the launching fees raised.

How it works?

Affiliates earn 50% of the BNB launching fees for projects that successfully launch.
They can achieve this in an easy 4-steps:
  1. 1.
    Find a project that is looking to launch (Telegram is a good place for this)
  2. 2.
    Introduce them to the Bifrost launcher, and tell them why they should launch here
  3. 3.
    Provide the Bifrost team with proof of referral
  4. 4.
    Earn BNB!


Consider a scenario where Alice is a developer for a new coin and is growing their community before launching.
Then, one of our affiliates (let's call him Bob), finds out about Alice's project early on before it has launched.
Bob then tells Alice that they should consider launching their new coin on Bifrost (for the low fees and active customer support), and Alice agrees.
Alice then creates their presale on Bifrost with a hard cap of 1,000 BNB, which fills out completely.
Bob can then approach the Bifrost team and provide the proof of their referral, and earn 50% of the launch fees. In this case they'd earn themselves 5 BNB (~$3,000 as of writing this!).
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